Number 57 [SPECIAL]: It Sounds Like the Cars

March 17, 2014

More Lost Time host Ric Dube talks about Boston rock legends the Cars and plays rare demos and a selection of cuts produced for other artists by frontman Ric Ocasek. Additionally, a live track is played within a brief argument presented less in defense of the Cars as performers and more in condemnation of their weakness as a live act as a useful topic of conversation. Ocasek's solo material is highlighted. Also, an exclusive interview with the assembled from old audio clips.

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Number 56: Guys! Weight Up! Weight! Up!

March 9, 2014

Host Ric Dube welcomes 2014 with lost UK pop by the Stereotypes, soul sides by the Van Dykes and Ann Peebles, rare stoner rock by Fu Manchu, and a seldom heard ballad by the mysterious Mr. F. Seeing the bright side of beginning a new year by way appreciating the end of the holiday season is discussed. The show's sponsor is the jukebox edition of the Buckinghams' "Kind of a Drag."

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Number 55: Feeling Better by Seeing Worse

December 31, 2013

On this installment, an underground funk classic by Prophet and the Disicples, UK rock from the Fall and Blue Orchids and Japanese pop by Nakatsuka Takeshi and Cornelius. Also, Ric Dube realizes where the name for the Bagster comes from.

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Number 54: Goodbye to You

November 17, 2013

The best way to support the family of the late singer/songwriter Charlie Chesterman is to contribute to: Friends of Charlie Chesterman, c/o Juliann Cydylo, 18 Mayhew Street, Dorchester, MA 02125. The best way to celebrate his life is enjoy the rare music on this installment of More Lost Time, which includes live recordings and radio sessions by Charlie Chesterman's bands, Scruffy the Cat and the Law.

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Number 53: They Sound Like XTC When They’re Next to Me

October 6, 2013

With the end of a summer hiatus comes a new More Lost Time featuring a pair of UK power pop singles that echo the massive effect XTC had on England during the late '70s and two brilliant examples of Australian rock from the same period. Also, '60s garage rock from the Dennisons, a psychedelic classic from the Sands, and the closing of Hoboken nightclub Maxwell's is mourned via a rare live track by the Bongos -- the local live act that inaugurated the best known incarnation of the tavern's existence. This episode of More Lost Time was sponsored by a famous LP collection of classic rock available via mail order (hint: it celebrates the "freedom" of rock).

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Number 52: Self Defence Against Fresh Fruit

June 2, 2013

More Lost Time returns with rare music by Vancouver's Pointed Sticks, Los Angeles' the Randoms, Sacremento's Rebel Truth, and acts not from the Western part of North America. There's lost soul music by the Ethics, as well as the Soul Swingers -- though to be fair, in as much as host Ric Dube is likely to discern, they were quite likely from the Western part of North America. This is not discussed during the podcast. What is discussed are possible reasons Beatlemania had such strong physiological effects on young people. Also, the identity of Hoboken's mysterious Mr. Bonus is identified. The program is sponsored by Wellington's, who seem to be promoting a sale of 8-track stereo tapes of some sort.

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Number 51: But I’m Different Now

April 13, 2013

On the new More Lost Time, music archivist Ric Dube shares a secret for dulling the sting of aging (hint: it involves being around people even older than yourself). Also, live music from the UK's legendary Jam, power pop by Scotland's the Questions, stoner rock by Dutch bands Dragonfly and Bag. The episode is sponsored by an offer for a record you may not borrow: "My brother, you've got to buy your own."

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Number 50: The 50th Anniversary Special

March 3, 2013

Host Ric Dube celebrates the 50th More Lost Time with rare punk by the Purple Hearts and Woody and the Splinters, neglected soul by the Temptations and the Foundations, and lost pop singles by the Uniques and the Next Exit. The value of designating official state rock and roll songs is addressed and mocked. Guests Jay Kumar (of the Completely Conspicuous podcast) and Jay Breitling ( drop by the studio to congratulate Ric on 50 podcasts.

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Number 49: Happiness Is a Mourned Buddy

February 2, 2013

On the first More Lost Time of 2013, host Ric Dube plays rare recordings by the usual broad range of acts including a pair of career re-defining cuts by Bo Diddley, '80s UK pop by the Bluebells, regretfully forgotten '70s punk by the Desperate Bicycles, lost '60s garage rock by the Todds, and unfamiliar 60's French novelty pop by Edouard. Also, a briefly notable supergroup of the late '70s that, while not particularly distinguishable from other acts of its sort, represents a method of charity fundraising wildly preferable to equipping Trick or Treaters with coin boxes. Listeners are encouraged to help grow the audience.

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Number 48: Rockin’ in the Free World

December 16, 2012

Music archivist Ric Dube selects rare music from his collection once again, including Huntington Beach punks the Crowd, Brighton UK's Emma Sharpe and the Features, and both sides of a lost soul 45 by Joe Matthews. Speaker melting guitar and organ garage rock by the Ultimates and Grapple is showcased and More Lost Time bids goodbye to its fall intern.

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