Number 63: Summer For You, Summer For Me

May 17, 2015

Ric eagerly awaits summer with rare music by Ronnie Mayor (Tours) and Tom Hartman (Aerovons). Lost soul singles by Bettye Swan and Nella Dodds are celebrated and a tape of Jonathan Richman is used to say goodbye to winter. A new sponsor is welcomed to the show. Recommend More Lost Time to a friend, subscribe on iTunes and rate the show five stars.

Number 62: One Flu Over, So Get Some Get Some Rest

January 24, 2015

On the first More Lost Time of the new year, host Ric Dube plays rare UK music by the Shy Limbs, the Nips and the New Hearts, underrated German rock from 18th Dye and Wuhling, all-American '60 garage rock by Don (Pierce) and the Agitators, and stunning vocals from Angola by Teta Lando. Dube ruminates on his recent flu and self-prescribed regimen of non-stop Bob Newhart episodes.

Number 61: A Stand Up Guy

November 11, 2014

Host Ric Dube discusses the advantages and disadvantages of bothering to pay attention to one's health. He also plays rare music by several acts including Dolly Mixture, the Clean and the Spelling Mistakes. He wonders about a Chicago dance craze heard about on a record by the Daylighters -- and plays another great one from Canada, by Simply Saucer. A former sponsor is welcomed back: Crash Landing, the combination energy drink and sleep aid.

Number 60: How I Spent My Bummer Vocation

September 14, 2014

Host Ric Dube plays rare music from his collection including an early recording by the Fleshtones, UK power pop by the Exits and Excel, blue-eyed rock and soul by the Rob Hoeke Rhythm and Blues Group and much, much more. The end of summer is mourned, and the return of a long-lost sponsor (My Friend Sticka 100% Horse-Free Glue) is celebrated.

Number 59: Canadian Fakin’

June 7, 2014

On this More Lost Time, we stand on guard for thee Canadian rock by under-appreciated acts including (but by no means limited to) Modern Minds, the Bureaucrats, the 409s, Ferrari's of Canada (sic) and Huevos Rancheros. A very mysterious 1979 record by Dundas is considered, the lost early works of Edward Bear are unearthed, and the various flavors of Top Ramen are not hotly debated.

Number 58: Mom Voyage

May 6, 2014

This More Lost Time features crossover rock and soul by the Isley Brothers, middle American genius by the Embarrassment, west coast brilliance by the Pop-O-Pies, east coast icon Jonathan Richman and much more. Stooges drummer Scott Asheton and Stax soul artist Judy Clay are remembered. A performance by the Stooges is the sponsor of the podcast, and while it's too late to see the show, it's worth mentioning that you could have bought your tickets at Orange Julius.

Number 57 [SPECIAL]: It Sounds Like the Cars

March 17, 2014

More Lost Time host Ric Dube talks about Boston rock legends the Cars and plays rare demos and a selection of cuts produced for other artists by frontman Ric Ocasek. Additionally, a live track is played within a brief argument presented less in defense of the Cars as performers and more in condemnation of their weakness as a live act as a useful topic of conversation. Ocasek's solo material is highlighted. Also, an exclusive interview with the assembled from old audio clips.

Number 56: Guys! Weight Up! Weight! Up!

March 9, 2014

Host Ric Dube welcomes 2014 with lost UK pop by the Stereotypes, soul sides by the Van Dykes and Ann Peebles, rare stoner rock by Fu Manchu, and a seldom heard ballad by the mysterious Mr. F. Seeing the bright side of beginning a new year by way appreciating the end of the holiday season is discussed. The show's sponsor is the jukebox edition of the Buckinghams' "Kind of a Drag."

Number 55: Feeling Better by Seeing Worse

December 31, 2013

On this installment, an underground funk classic by Prophet and the Disicples, UK rock from the Fall and Blue Orchids and Japanese pop by Nakatsuka Takeshi and Cornelius. Also, Ric Dube realizes where the name for the Bagster comes from.

Number 54: Goodbye to You

November 17, 2013

The best way to support the family of the late singer/songwriter Charlie Chesterman is to contribute to: Friends of Charlie Chesterman, c/o Juliann Cydylo, 18 Mayhew Street, Dorchester, MA 02125. The best way to celebrate his life is enjoy the rare music on this installment of More Lost Time, which includes live recordings and radio sessions by Charlie Chesterman's bands, Scruffy the Cat and the Law.